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Why Amazing Elora Race is Our Most Popular Corporate Team Building Program

ONE AXE Pursuits has offered leading outdoor team building activities and programs for over twenty years: Amazing Elora Race, Adventure Team Challenge and Mission Impossible which help with employee engagement and leadership development.

Each program is unique and it is sometimes difficult to choose which one is best for team development and team bonding. (We wrote a blog post to help you select the perfect program for your team!).

Over the past two decades, the most popular program chosen by human resource personnel and event planners is our Amazing Elora Race program.

Why is that?

One reason would be that it was inspired by the Amazing Race show so it is a program that people can imagine and it is based on what they have seen on television. This helps to visualize the race and how it would work.

The other reason this program is popular is that it allows for team members with varying skills to work together. In one corporate team, there may be adventurous types who would love to zipline or rappel while there may be others who are food adventurous and can take on the food challenge. Other corporate team members may be better at puzzles or crosswords while others are great at being the team organizer or help to keep morale high. The race is totally customizable so planners can choose fun food challenges instead of gross ones. Or they can choose high adventure or soft adventure to meet the needs of their teams.

The Amazing Elora Race allows for corporate teams of mixed ability to do well in the program and work together which really helps natural team bonding in real situations where they need to make decisions and think quickly. This is a program where everyone can be included. Some team members prefer to be part of the race and act as judges if racing doesn't suit them. This allows for everyone to participate even if there are physical limitations or challenges.

Finally, the price point of the Amazing Elora Race is another factor because it is so customizable. Races start at $300 per person for a three-hour race and then increase with added clues and adventure stations such as zipline and/or rappel stations. A corporate team building facilitator can be added to ensure team development and learning as well as corporate debriefing opportunities post-race. Event space can be accommodated at the Elora Mill for up to 100 people. You may also add professional photography, videography and catering. And if you are like one memorable team in the past, you can even add helicopters and lamborghinis!


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