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The Amazing Elora Race with the Elora Mill and Pearle Hospitality

Is corporate team building worth it?

Some corporate teams have a hard time deciding if corporate team building is worth it. First, the opportunity cost of not having salaried staff in the office and paying them to bond with their team mates seems costly. And then to pay the fee of the actual team building event. Is it even worth it?

Yes! It is worth it!

Why? Because in the everyday stress and tasks at the office, employees often don’t get to meet each other as human beings. They don’t get to know each other on a personal level that helps them understand that person in a different context.

So, maybe you think about going bowling or just having a BBQ? Surely, that will help people bond? Well, except that corporate development through experiential learning takes it to a totally different level. With our programs, participants in the corporate team building exercise actually work together in a real life scenario. And when you add the extreme elements of a zipline or rappel, participants need to really trust their teammates to help encourage them and in some cases, pull them back from the zipline!

The cost may seem high, however, the cost of an ineffective team, losing great staff or having unhappy employees is much higher. Invest in your people and they will reward you with higher productivity and commitment. Look for companies like ONE AXE Pursuits who provide amazing outdoor adventures with their corporate team building programs. The outdoor team building activities are in Elora, Ontario but we serve Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Niagara and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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