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Film + TV + Special Events + Expeditions

ONE AXE Pursuits Film + TV is a rope rigging company that covers green screens in Toronto to international bespoke extreme expeditions. We offer high angle technical rope rigging in extreme and remote venues for the film and media event industry locally or in extreme locations. Led by Frederick Schuett, our team runs a variety of climbing, rigging and expedition related services, including urban and wilderness ziplines, rappelling, rock climbing, caving, ice climbing, mountaineering, rigging for stunts, rope rescue, as well as expedition logistics and risk management. ONE AXE Pursuits Film + TV has worked at lava lakes, guided high altitude mountains and put a man in the bottom of a flaming gas crater.

ONE AXE Pursuits Film + TV has been behind many global expeditions, stunts for the film industry and world records. Past projects include:

  • Professional climber, Kevin Jorgeson’s media stunts climbing buildings around the world for Visit California

  • Sir Richard Branson’s urban zipline media stunt to launch Virgin Mobile

  • First traverse over an active lava lake at Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia with Brazilian celebrity Karina Oliani;

  • George Kourounis’ descent into Darvaza (the Gateway to Hell) in Turkmenistan with National Geographic;

  • The first zipline descent to Benbow volcano’s lava lake in Vanuatu with Ultimate Volcano Expeditions

Past Projects

Volcanos - Mountains - Deserts - Jungles - Polar - Stunt Rigging - Film Rigging - Rigging for Special Events


What our clients say

“Frederick was one of the key team members on one of my most ambitious expeditions. He was my main rope rigger/safety chief on a National Geographic funded expedition to search for extremophile bacteria at the bottom of the Darvaza flaming gas crater in Turkmenistan. The pit, dubbed the “Doorway to Hell” by the locals has been burning for over 45 years. As expedition leader, I had to assemble a team of people that I could trust with my life. Frederick designed and implemented the complicated rope system that allowed me to become the first person to ever set foot at the bottom of the fiery crater. This unprecedented feat could not have been possible without his expertise, experience, knowledge and talent. The expedition was also filmed by National Geographic television, in which Frederick was featured throughout.   His background in helping film productions, coupled with his passion and ability as an adventure traveller, climber, and mountaineer make him a fantastic addition to any team that wants to document any intense outdoor endeavour. “

George Kourounis, Host of Angry Planet TV series & Regional Director - Explorers Club Canadian Chapter