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What to buy the person who has everything for Christmas?

Winter is here and with that, Christmas present season! Nowadays, it can be so hard to find the right gift, especially for those who are hard to buy for! I can totally relate since I often fail at gift giving. Both the receiver and I are disappointed at the result. There’s nothing worse than seeing the gift that you lovingly purchased at the next summer garage sale or local thrift store. So, I have a solution this year! Buy gifts that leave the person with a memory. A gift that stays with them. Something that reminds them how they conquered their fears or pushed their limits. Not everyone has the time and funds to go on a big expedition, but we can all take a few hours out of a day to invest in ourselves and our experiences. Check out ONE AXE Pursuits’ one-day adventures: Zipline extreme and Ice climbing right here in Elora, Ontario. Both run 10am to 4pm at Victoria Park in the beautiful and historical village of Elora which is adjacent to a stunning gorge. What a great gift for someone who has everything? Maybe wrap the gift certificate with a chunk of rope, chuck of ice or a nice stainless steel mug?

If you would like to buy a gift certificate, click here


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