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What the heck is urban rappelling?

Rappelling, abseiling, Aussie Rappel, face-first rappelling, urban many types of rappelling. But what the heck is urban rappelling and why do people want to do it? Descending a rope from a building isn't always the first item on your bucket list!

ONE AXE Pursuits started with offering outdoor cliff rappelling and Zipline Extreme the beautiful and historic village of Elora, Ontario. Our rappels and ziplines started to gain exposure in the early days of the company and we landed contracts in the film and television industry in Toronto. Suddenly, we also started get more and more requests to teach stunt performers how to rappel and they needed a venue to rappel from especially for urban applications including firefighters and police. When the church building was purchased in 2011, there was a bell tower that would serve this rappelling purpose perfectly. So the windows were designed to rappel out of and we started to do more training out of the 60ft bell tower.

People started to hear about urban rappelling and stunt training and even if they weren't in the television and film industry or police/firefighters and they wanted to just rappel for fun. We designed a program to allow for people to use this activity for recreational applications and suddenly, the bachelor parties and birthday parties started to book. Even toddlers can come and rappel down in their parent's arms. Now urban rappelling is accessible to everyone and not just a elite or professional group. Recently, we even had a dog rappel out of the bell tower with its trainer. How is that for making urban rappelling accessible?

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