• Christa Niravong

Who is the only man who makes bespoke custom Heat Suits?

There is only one man in the world that creates bespoke volcano heat suits. Frederick Schuett, the director of ONE AXE Inc. designed and built the first heat suit designed specifically for use inside an erupting volcano.

Up until Frederick's volcano heat suit design, all heat suits where cumbersome and designed for people working with molten metal or firefighters extinguishing aircraft fires. Frederick had experience using this type of heat suit on several occasions and this type of suit was used when he lowered George Kourounis into Darvaza (aka Gateway to Hell) in Turkmenistan with National Geographic. On that expedition, Frederick noted many limitations of this style of heat suit. It was clearly not designed for this type of extreme location. Several years later, Frederick was contacted by Karina Oliani from Brazil requesting a similar stunt and he decided it was time to design a new heat suit able to handle much more extreme conditions.

Frederick proposed another world first stunt even more extreme than his previous stunt in Turkmenistan. This time, it would be the first traverse over an active lava lake. Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia was the proposed volcano of choice. Designing the heat suits took months of research and consulting with many experts. The best companies in the world specializing in fire resistant fabrics and personal protect equipment where contacted and each company offered Frederick full sponsorship for the building of his volcano heat suit.

Everyone thought that traversing over the crater of an active volcano directly over a lake of lava was impossible. Frederick was confident that his research and testing showed that it could be done with the the proper heat suit designed for the task. In December 2017, Frederick Schuett from Canada and Karina Oliani from Brazil successfully completed the task unscathed due to the protection provided by Frederick's volcano heat suit.

The original volcano heat suit design was just the beginning. Frederick has continued his research and testing and has several other volcano heat suit designs in various stages of development, some by request for production companies for new and upcoming world first stunts. Each stunt requires a bespoke volcano heat suit designed for the feat and custom fit to the person performing the stunt. The next generation volcano heat suits look more like superhero suits while maintaining functionality. Frederick's offers truly unique and extreme expeditions around the world including high-end volcano zipline and rappel tours. Some past volcano expeditions include Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia, Benbow Volcano and Marum Volcano in Vanuatu and Darvaza (the flaming gas crater) in Turkmenistan. Some of Frederick's past expeditions to these locations have achieved a world first feat. Read more about some of these expeditions on these blogs:

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Darvaza with George Kourounis and National Geographic

For anyone who wants to achieve a world first stunt at a flaming gas crater, active volcano or lava lake, Frederick Schuett can build the custom heat suit, rig the stunt and operate the entire expedition. Next location in the works is Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo. Stayed tuned.

August 2019 https://www.oneaxepursuits.com/extreme