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  • Christa Niravong

Outdoor Team Building Activities During COVID-19 pandemic

ONE AXE Pursuits: Team building during COVID-19?

For over two years now, corporate team building has had to resort to mainly virtual options, if teams wanted to try to get together. No doubt the virtual fatigue has become very real. There is nothing that can replace seeing your coworkers and colleagues in person, engaging in real life, in-person team building.

For companies that are investing in team building, we know it’s important to bring your team back in-person, bonding and learning together again in a unique, outdoor corporate team building activity and increase employee engagement.

How is ONE AXE Pursuits keeping you safe during COVID?

At ONE AXE Pursuits, we have COVID-19 precautions in place such as use of face-coverings, masks and sneeze shields if you are unable to maintain physical distancing following public health guidelines. Currently, masks are not required (March 2022) for indoor or outdoor programs.

When will ONE AXE Pursuits get back to regular team building?

ONE AXE Pursuits is ready to bring remote teams back for corporate team building experiences such as the Amazing Race and Mission Impossible. This is exciting because it means team building groups can return from remote offices and see their colleagues again! ONE AXE provides in-person, outdoor team building activities at a safe distance that is unique and rewarding. We bet you can’t wait to get outdoors and out of the home office and reacquaint with your team.

The Amazing Elora Race will be the first program to return to the outdoor corporate team building roster since it is a program that can easily keep participants apart yet still work together and build leadership skills. It is also an outdoor program.

It's time to start looking toward the future and planning ahead for the spring season for outdoor corporate team building and activities. Our outdoor program include a deluxe scavenger hunt which will have your team build leadership skills while having fun outdoors. Our indoor team building event has been called an escape room on steroids!

Want to know more about each corporate team building experience?

Adventure Team Challenge is great for larger groups who are adventurous. This program includes Team zipline and Team rappel. Teams can be competitive and earn points to find what team gained the most points to win, or they can enjoy a unique and thrilling experience together to build camaraderie. Two hour timeframe.

Amazing Elora Race has been the most popular for groups of all sizes (ten min or cost of ten participants), with approximately 14 clues scattered around the village of Elora, in both urban and wilderness areas. There are roadblocks and detours as well as options to choose gross or fun food challenges and add high intensity rope challenges such a zipline or rappel stations. Three to four-hour timeframe.

For an indoor option, Mission Impossible is a spy-training event where teams work together to cross laser fields, rappel through a trap door, decipher messages, escape from a cage, avoid trip wires and defuse a bomb. Mission Impossible can be run at ONE AXE's Elora office with 10,000 s.f. of space. The Mission Impossible program is also portable and can run at various other locations. Other popular locations for the program include the Toronto Film Studios and the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District in Toronto. Four hour time frame.

It's time to bring the corporate teams back together in a way that is safe and rewarding for everyone and increase employee engagement.

Looking forward to welcoming those corporate team building groups from Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, the GTA and Toronto back to our fun and unique team building programs in Elora, Ontario!

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